White autumn

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According to German wine law, Weißherbst is a rosé wine made from a single red grape variety. The grapes must also come from one location . However, the same process is used as for making white wine . The must is pressed from the grapes before fermentation, so that the red color of the berries is only noticeable as a light pink color of the wine.

A possible sweetening of the finished QbA or predicate wine is only permitted with a sweet reserve (unfermented must) of the same variety and at least the same or higher quality level. It is possible to add five percent red wine of the same grape variety.

In addition to winemaking, it can also be made into sparkling wine. In both cases, the grape variety is indicated on the label first, followed by the addition "Weißherbst".

In Austria this synthesis and produced wines are equal Pressed called in Switzerland is called a Süßdruck and in France by a Vin gris .