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The J. Ohm shipyard existed from 1891 to 1913 in Nübbel in Schleswig-Holstein . The origins of shipbuilding in Nübbel go back to the year 1756, probably even earlier. With the construction of the Eider Canal in 1784, the then Sievers and Storm shipyard in Rendsburg was forced to relocate the business to Nübbel. This was followed by a rapid increase in orders. The J. Ohm shipyard finally lost its importance with the construction of the Kiel Canal and closed in 1913.

Jürgen Ohm took over the small timber yard on the Eider from the previous owner, Stamp, and ran it until 1904. During this period, he repaired and built the typical ships of this area. Two new buildings were built during this time, the Eiderschnigge Eunomia with 35 GRT and the Galiot Caecilie with 54 GRT.

The shipyard was equipped with three slipways for the work. From 1904 his son Johann Peter Ohm continued to run the shipyard and launched six coastal sailors for Hamburg and Holstein shipowners by 1913. These were two yacht schooners , two gaff schooners , a yacht galeass and a three-masted schooner from 65 to 100 GRT.


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