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Science and progress

description Popular scientific monthly for natural sciences and mathematics
First edition 1951
attitude 1993
Frequency of publication per month
ZDB 512133-4

Science and Progress was a popular monthly journal for natural sciences and mathematics in the GDR with articles from all areas of science. It was published by the Academy of Sciences of the GDR and printed by Akademieverlag Berlin .


Example of a page from the journal Wissenschaft und progress with imprint and table of contents; The publisher in 1968 was the Central Council of the FDJ (Free German Youth) - Verlag Junge Welt, Berlin

The journal contained several mostly short essays and articles, 20 to 30 pages of which, about one page of book reviews of scientific and popular scientific literature, two to three pages of current short news from science, and an additional page each with nontrivial math problems and solutions.


In 1989 , the newspaper's authors were critical of the state funding for key technologies in the GDR. In their opinion, a special promotion of this is only possible and useful "if it is based on a reasonable, proportional development of all branches of the economy".

Former editorial and publisher address: GDR - 1086 Berlin, Leipziger Straße 3–4.

In the area of ​​the GDR this magazine was sold under the name "WISSENSCHAFT UND FORTSCHRITT", also called "WiFo" for short. Free to subscribe from approx. 01/1975 (25th year).

The first issue appeared in May 1951. The monthly issues were grouped into volumes. The issues up to issue 12/1990 were called "SCIENCE AND PROGRESS". The issues appeared under the same name from 02/1991 - 12/1991. Issues 01/1992 to 08/1992 were now called "SCIENCE AND PROGRESS MAGAZINE FOR INTERDISCIPLARE THINKING". Then there were two issues, Issue 09/1992 and Issue 01/1993 under the name "WIFO JOURNAL WISSEN & FORSCHEN INTERDISZIPLINÄR". The editions should only appear quarterly.

Sales prices

The booklets cost per issue in the GDR:

  • Asgb. May 1951-December 1952 .. 0.75 DM (Deutsche Mark of the German central bank / 1st edition May 1951)
  • Issue 01/1953 - 12/1962 .... 0.75 DM
  • Issue 01/1963 - 07/1964 .... 1.00 DM
  • Issue 08/1964 - 12/1967 .... 1.00 MDN (Mark of the German central bank)
  • Issue 01/1968 - 12/1983 .... 1.00 M (Mark of the GDR)
  • Issue 01/1984 - 12/1984 .... 0.90 M (reduced number of pages!)
  • Issue 01/1985 - 06/1990 .... 1.30 M.
  • Issue 07/1990 - 06/1991 .... 3.00 DM (Deutsche Mark / Issue 01.1991 not published or only in limited edition)
  • Issue 07/1991 - 12/1991 .... 6.00 DM
  • Issue 01/1992 - 08/1992 .... 6.00 DM (WiFo for interdisciplinary thinking)
  • Issue 09/1992 ................... 6.00 DM (WiFo Journal)
  • Issue 01/1993 ................. 10.00 DM (WiFo Journal, last issue)

Abroad for the years:

  • Issue 01/1975 - 12/1985 .... 2.00 marks
  • Issue 01/1986 - 12/1988 .... 2.50 marks
  • Issue 01/1989 - 06/1990 .... 3.00 marks
  • Issue 07/1990 - 10/1990 .... 3.00 DM (BRD and Berlin West)

Readers and subscribers

As a rule, the magazines were subscribed to by educational institutions (also abroad). Certain people (for professional reasons) were able to receive the magazine regularly before 1973. For freely available editions, for "everyone" as it were, this was only possible from around 1973–1975 (depending locally on the distribution of the Post). Occasionally you could buy individual issues at the newspaper kiosk, but these were sold out very quickly. The magazine was not widely used in private households and complete collections are rather rare.

Database archive

Under the web link database archive there is a key database archive of issues 01/75 to 12/90 as well as 11 cover pictures of issues 01/1951 to 01/1993 of the WiFo.

Web links

  • Database archive ( ZIP archive, 3.3 MB) Offer from TU Dresden