Wool sausage

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Woolly sausages with gravy

Woolly sausages are a southern German specialty made from veal and pork, which is related to the Munich white sausage . They are also called naked , swollen , beaten or Oberlanders . Woolly sausages are usually a little longer and thinner than white sausages.


The basic recipe hardly differs from that for white sausages, although fewer rinds and no parsley are generally used. The sausage mass is then not filled into the intestines , but rather injected directly into boiling water with a nozzle , cooked for about ten minutes at a moderate temperature and then quenched, which gives the "naked" sausages a soft, "wooly" surface. Then they can be consumed immediately.

However, it is more common to still fry them. To do this, they are dipped in milk and fried briefly and hot until they are golden yellow (whereby they swell). The traditional side dish is warm potato salad made with vinegar, oil and cucumber .