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Potato salad with vinegar and oil
Potato salad with mayonnaise

Potato salad is made from boiled potatoes and other ingredients. A basic distinction can be made between the types of preparation with and without mayonnaise . In southern Germany and Austria , the expression potato salad is common, the Upper Swabian and Swiss German name is Härdöpfelsalat .


To prepare potato salad, waxy or predominantly waxy potatoes (so-called salad potatoes ) are usually used. The waxy varieties are suitable because they don't disintegrate as easily when the ingredients are mixed. In some recipes, a small amount of floury potatoes is used to give the salad a creamy consistency.

The boiled potatoes are cut into slices and mixed with the other ingredients. Both so-called boiled potatoes (cooked without peel) and jacket potatoes boiled with peel can be used. Especially for the northern German version of the potato salad with mayonnaise, the potatoes are often only processed one day after they have been cooked, as they have then acquired additional firmness. For the southern German version of the salad, the potatoes are usually processed when they are still warm because the marinade can then soak in better. This works especially well with steamed potatoes. Another method of preparation is that the potatoes are not cut, but lightly pounded and disintegrate.


The preparation methods and ingredients of the potato salad also differ within the same region. There are also no regionally standardized types of preparation, at best preferences or family traditions. The lettuce-like preparation is already proven in the first scientific description of the potato, where it can be read that it is also consumed cooked “with oil, vinegar and salt”.

Without mayonnaise

In southern Germany and Austria to Croatia, the sliced ​​potatoes are usually mixed with a stock of meat broth , vinegar , oil, salt , pepper and mustard . The salad can also contain chopped onions , fried cubes of bacon , garlic or cucumber pieces . Often the still hot potatoes are doused with the marinade. The salad prepared in this way can be eaten warm ("warm potato salad") or cold.

In parts of Styria and Burgenland, the potato salad is served with pumpkin seed oil . In Franken 's chives mandatory.

With mayonnaise

In the northern parts of Germany as well as in the Silesian and Bohemian cuisine , the potato salad is usually prepared with a dressing containing mayonnaise.

Pickles or apples are often added to potato salad with mayonnaise in the Rhineland . In the north, varieties with apples and boiled eggs dominate . In Brandenburg , on the other hand, pickles are combined with radishes or finely chopped onions . Roast leftovers, herring , pieces of sausage and fresh herbs can be added to the salad as desired. In the Czech Republic, in addition to mayonnaise and mustard, boiled eggs, pickles, carrots, peas and onions are added.

As an alternative to mayonnaise, it can also be prepared with yoghurt , especially in the diet kitchen .


Potato salad is a very popular and versatile accompaniment to various dishes because of the variety of preparation methods. There are often old family recipes that have been used and passed on for many decades. The potato salad is often served with sausages and cutlets , but also with fried fish. As a potato salad, it is a classic accompaniment to Wiener Schnitzel . It is a popular party salad and is prepared on public holidays. In many families it is customary to eat potato salad with bratwurst , bockwurst or Viennese on Christmas Eve ; In southern Germany, Schäufele dominates the table.


In many regions, terms formed from the respective dialect are often used for the regional variants. The word formation is mostly based on regional names for the potato.


"Charivari" (from Latin caribaria "mess") is a French variant of the potato salad. In the Charivari, the cooked potatoes cut into cubes or slices are served with apples, pears , mushrooms , beetroot and pickled cucumbers .

In Normandy there is a variant with pieces of herring . The salad is given a dressing made from seasoned mayonnaise.

Ensaladilla rusa

Ensaladilla rusa

The " Russian salad ", which is very popular in Spain and Latin America, contains potatoes, carrots , peas , tuna and asparagus . Depending on the region, the salad is prepared with a differently seasoned mayonnaise, or other ingredients such as peppers , sour beans and olives are added.

In art


The German writer Alfred Richard Meyer alias Munkepunke founded the “Klub Kartoffelsalat” in 1920 and organized literary evenings in the Café Innsbruck in Berlin. The GDR poet Kurt Bartsch wrote in his "Songspiel" Der Bauch published in 1977 : "A real workers' state / Belongs to a real potato salad".


Potato salad is a characteristic prop in the theater and opera productions by director Frank Castorf . He first used large quantities in his staging of Pension Schöller at the Berliner Volksbühne in 1994, for which he became known. In it, Henry Hübchen slipped in a slapstick insert on potato salad. Previously, in the production of Alkestis 1993, potato salad was distributed on the stage. Since then, theater critics have called potato salad a trademark of Castorf's productions. The use of the food as a prop alludes to the fact that bananas , the peels of which were classically used for slapstick numbers in Hollywood films, were in short supply in everyday life in the GDR . Castorf potato salad later used as a self-quotation again and again, such as in the staging of The Marquise of O . 2012 or by Der Spieler 2014 at the Wiener Festwochen .

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