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Pickled cucumbers or pickles or gherkins [ kɔrniˈʃõːs ] (actually = croissant, diminutive of: corne) are young, unripe cucumbers that have been poured with a boiling, spiced vinegar and herb stock and thus pasteurized . The mostly industrially produced pickles differ greatly in size and in the spice mixture used. Often there are dill , yellow mustard seeds , onions , salt and possibly sugar as well as flavors such as pepper in the brew.

Cucumber fan

Cucumber fan

Decorative elements of the cold kitchen are called cucumber compartments . Pickled cucumbers such as pickled cucumbers and pickles are used for this. These are halved diagonally lengthways. Then cut it from the wide end into equal-sized slices. At the narrow end you leave part of the bowl and use this piece as the hinge of the fan. For the preparation you then press the cucumber apart evenly on a smooth surface and the long cucumber strips create a fan. Typical dishes to use are Strammer Max and Farmer's Breakfast .

Cultural meaning

Due to their ingredients, pickled cucumbers are a suitable food, especially during pregnancy. If a woman has a craving for pickles, this is understood in Germany as an indication of a possible pregnancy. In France, however, pregnancy is suspected if a woman has a particular craving for strawberries .

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