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Tighter max
Variation with cheese

Strammer Max is a simple dish made from mixed bread , ham and fried egg . Originally part of the Saxon and Berlin cuisine , Strammer Max is now widely used all over Germany as home cooking and pub food.


For preparation, bread slices are either buttered or roasted in butter, topped with raw ham or bacon and finally covered with a fried egg. Depending on the recipe, the ham is fried or placed on the bread in cubes instead of slices. Occasional additions are cheese , pickle slices , tomato slices or onion rings . Another variant consists of meat loaf , fried onions and fried eggs.

In variants, some of which have different names such as Strammer Moritz , Stramme Lotte , Stramme Luise or Strammer Otto , the raw ham is replaced by cooked ham or by Leberkäse, Plockwurst , Salami or the like. The expression Strammer Max was formed around 1920 in Saxon with the meaning of “erect penis” and then transferred to the dish, probably because it is a particularly “strengthening” sandwich. The names derived later, such as Stramme Lotte or Strammer Otto, have no special meaning.

Comparable dishes are the Rhineland Krüstchen , the Bauerntoast or the Dutch Uitsmijter (named after the Dutch word for ' bouncer '). The latter is partially prepared with fish, for example by adding torn kippers .


  • Petra Foede : How the Earl discovered the sandwich. (E-book)

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