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As home cooking (formation from the 16th century to the Middle High German Husman , "landlord, tenants, Mietmann, Burgwart") are referred to hearty, nutritious and traditionally prepared dishes.

Ingredients correspond to the climatic and geographical food supply in the respective region, but do not necessarily have to be produced there (exception: imported spices). The preparation represents a compromise between the quality of the meal and the effort required to prepare the food, which takes place alongside other housework or work.

The term is already included in the German dictionary of the Brothers Grimm and is defined as "food that a householder usually has to prepare for himself and his family". The householder was the male head of a (rural) household in the sense of pater familias ; the name did not refer to his marital status . Even Johann Christoph ennobling uses the term in 1793 in relation to the rural household. The German house fathers literature also contained recipes and was a forerunner of the bourgeois cookbooks . The universal encyclopedia of the present and the past called home cooking 1857 "simple, nourishing dishes, as they are mostly enjoyed in middle-class families ".

Up until the 20th century it was common practice for the householder to be preferred in the home diet and for his food to contain more meat , fat , bacon , eggs , legumes , etc. than that of the rest of the family and household members.

Today the term home cooking in Germany generally stands for mostly simple, but lavish dishes made from inexpensive ingredients, the taste of which is often determined by cured and smoked meat or by vigorous roasting or stewing and generally a high fat content and less by seasoning, for example ham sandwich , fried eggs , farmer's breakfast , bacon dumplings , knuckle of pork with sauerkraut or pork, Kassel with sauerkraut, goulash , meat platter , SAUMAGEN , kale with Pinkel , Labskaus and comparable. Also plucks are still used regionally such as in Beuschel (acidic Lüngerl) or Kronfleisch .

Today, the term home-style cooking is sometimes seen as a synonym for home-style cooking, but it also includes more elaborate dishes as well as more expensive ingredients and spices that the common people could not afford until well into the 20th century.

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