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1. back fat 2. belly fat
Above: Smoked back bacon
Below: Smoked and whole baked bacon

As bacon (since the 10th century in the ahd. Documented as spec , cf. also as. Spekk , ae. Spic , anord. Spik , extra- Germanic without s- in Latin pinguis “fat”, Gr. Πῖαρ, ai. Pīvas- In contrast, the Latin spectilebelly bacon ” is doubtful, but is the name given to the fatty tissue that is located between the skin and muscles , especially in pigs . A distinction is made mainly between back bacon (also fat bacon) made from pure fatty tissue and pork belly (also streaked bacon) made from pork belly mixed with muscle meat .

There is also bacon, which is made from the hip, the part of the ham on the back . The released, undivided portion of bacon is called the bacon side or bacon dewlap. Bacon is often sold in stores together with the pig's skin, the rind , which can also be used separately.

Back bacon is mainly used as an ingredient in European cuisine, for example for spicing and wrapping lean meat or for making lard , but also diced, minced or ground in numerous sausages . Bacon is sometimes used, bacon mainly as cold cuts .

Back bacon is offered raw and unsmoked as green bacon and, like pork belly , also cured , smoked , dried and cooked. Breakfast bacon ( bacon ) is cured and smoked back or pancetta with portions of meat underneath. Known products are bacon, loin bacon, snack bacon, bacon, lard , pancetta , Salo , Black Forest ham , Speck Alto Adige (in Italian short Bacon called), Tyrolean bacon and Valais dried bacon (in Walser German short Schpäkk called).

The fatty tissue layer, i.e. the bacon, of whales and seals is called bubbling .

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