Abdominal flap

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Abdominal lobes in pigs

In kitchen language, the thin muscle tissue of vertebrates that surrounds the abdominal cavity is referred to as the abdominal flap , thinning or flank .

Veal and lamb belly flaps can be used to make ragouts , goulash or roll roast ; due to the high proportion of connective tissue , the dishes have to stew for a long time. Beef belly flaps are used to prepare beef broth and stock . Most of the belly flaps are not sold directly, but are used for sausage production . In North America , flank steaks are valued as a steak variant ; in Argentina they are served as a type of large roulade called matambre ("starvation killer").

Abdominal lobes of fish differ from the rest of the muscles only in their thinner thickness. Those of the dogfish are offered smoked as Schillerlocken , those of the tuna are especially valued as toro for sushi .


There are international names for individual parts of the abdominal lobe, which are also used synonymously:

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