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Roast beef (left the tall roast beef , right the flat roast beef )
Roast beef, typically prepared

Roast beef (also short loin , strip loin ), between ribs , regionally also loin is a part of the hind quarter of the beef . Anatomically, it is the lumbar section of the erector spinae muscle . In Austria the terms Beiried , Hufstück , in Tyrol also Schossen are common.

According to the customary cut, it lies between the entrecôte and the hip (separating cut between the 8th / 9th rib), according to the DLG cut between the prime rib and the hip (11th / 12th rib), whereby the prime rib is a DLG-specific subdivision of the roast beef between the 8./9. and 11./12. Represents ribs.

The roast beef is divided into two parts: The tongue-like end at the front is the round roast beef . The round roast (regional and roast called) projects into the head end adjacent rib (regional and High sirloin called) into it and the lean core piece (rib eye) is the prime rib. The underlying located flat roast beef is located in the lower back and is also regional loin , sirloin , Contre fillet , lock piece or English roasting mentioned. The flat roast beef with back bones and clinging fillet is known as the big loin , from which T-bone and porterhouse steaks are cut.

Roast beef is usually fried in one piece in the oven at a moderate temperature, pink (medium) , which keeps it tender, juicy and aromatic. Prepared like this, it is one of the traditional dishes of English cuisine , only with the gravy and Yorkshire pudding as a side dish. It is cut cold - often with horseradish - as cold cuts or for cold buffets. The combination with tartar sauce is also popular.

The following steaks are also cut from the roast beef : Entrecôte , rump steak , T-bone steak (with bone), porterhouse steak , club steak and sirloin steak .

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