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Fried brisket

The brisket is in the culinary arts or in the butcher-commercial a moderately marbled, long-fiber portion of the forequarter of beef . It lies below the transverse rib , from which it is sawn off across the ribs. The shape is narrow and high at the front, flat and wide at the back. It is divided into three roughly equal parts: In front - narrow, fleshier and less bony than the other parts - the tip of the breast or the breastbone . The core of the breast or the mid-breast is more streaky, covered with a thick layer of fat and has a stronger taste. The rear breast is the thinnest and widest part.

Brisket is offered with or without bones, fresh or cured . It serves as cooking meat for broths , soups and stews or as a basis for regional specialties. The boned breast is also used for roll roast .

Beef brisket is very important as the basis for corned beef , as it is well suited for curing , but is difficult to eat when not chopped because of the long muscle fibers. In this form, it is one of the basic ingredients of Labskaus .

Classic dishes made from brisket

  • Beef brisket Berlin style : boiled, boned brisket with horseradish sauce
  • Brisket bristle : boiled, rolled brisket with horseradish sauce
  • Poitrine de boeuf salée : boiled brisket of beef with potatoes, root vegetables and grated horseradish .
  • Pastrami
  • Beef Brisket : theheart of the beef brisket that ishot-smokedin the barbecue smoker and a classic component of the American barbecue

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