Tail piece

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Location of the boiled beef, part of the tail piece

The tail piece (regionally also referred to as the lower shell , semer , bottom stick , leg scarf ) is a high-quality section of the beef leg . The tail piece lies on the outside of the body (meat side) below the upper shell on the inside . It borders with its front area on the hip , with the lower area on the ball and in the rear area on the Hesse (leg meat).

The tail piece can be further broken down into the following four parts:

  • The Tafelspitz is the front, thinly tapering tip of the tail piece that borders on the hip and is covered by a layer of fatty tissue on the side facing the skin.
  • The corner tail piece is the larger of the two center pieces; it is right under the top shell.
  • The smaller, elongated, outer middle piece is called the tail roll (roll, semroll).
  • The rose piece (rose) forms the transition piece rich in connective tissue to the Hesse (lower leg). The Achilles tendon (the so-called rose strand) lies in the piece of rose.

The tail piece is suitable for stewing , roasting , cooking and for sliced ​​meat.

Tafelspitz is also the name of a Viennese dish made from boiled tail.

In Brazil , the tail piece - cut a little differently - is called picanha and is often prepared as a churrasco .

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