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Ossobuco is a traditional Italian stew.

Braising or braising is a combined cooking process in which the food is first browned and then further cooked in boiling liquid. The flavoring substances that arise during frying are essential for the taste of the stew. Long-fiber pieces of meat rich in connective tissue can also be used for braising , which remained tough after roasting. In addition to meat, vegetables and mushrooms , for example, can also be braised.


After the stew has been seared on all sides so that roasted substances can form on the surface, it is extinguished with liquid (e.g. water, stock or wine ) . Then it is cooked with other ingredients as desired in a closed pot at a moderate temperature .

Braising gives the food its flavor. Meat becomes tender due to the transformation of the connective tissue into gelatine , because the liquid and pressureless steam automatically keep the core temperature in the appropriate range (see roasting ). The braising process can be sustained for several hours, especially if the temperature does not exceed 80 to 100 ° C, which is sufficient for the transformation process.

The co-braising of roasted vegetables , bacon or mushrooms serves to enrich the taste of both the actual stew, such as the meat, as well as the liquid that arises during braising, which is the basis for an aromatic sauce .

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