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Hervé This

Hervé This (born June 5, 1955 in Suresnes , Hauts-de-Seine department ) is a French physico-chemist .

Live and act

This researches the molecular basis, the physical processes and chemical reactions of the culinary art and has coined the term molecular gastronomy for this, together with Nicholas Kurti . He provided the scientific basis for cooks like Ferran Adrià , Heston Blumenthal and Pierre Gagnaire .

This works at the Collège de France in Paris , teaches at the "Faculté des sciences et des techniques" in Tours and is deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine "Pour la Science".

He only uses his double name This-Benckhard in the German editions of his books.

Fonts (selection)

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  • Révélations gastronomiques . Éditions Belin, Paris 1995, ISBN 2-7011-1756-9 .
    • German translation: Riddles and secrets of the art of cooking: scientifically explained , translated by Ilse Rothfuss and Rainer Zolk, 14th, unabridged paperback edition, Piper TB 30421, Munich / Zurich 2014, ISBN 978-3-492-23458-0 (content: mystery of the culinary arts and culinary secrets ).
  • La sagesse du chimiste . l'Œil neuf Éditions, Paris 2009, ISBN 978-2-915543-26-1 .
  • La cuisine note à note . Éditions Belin, Paris 2012, ISBN 978-2-7011-6419-9 .

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