Fond (food)

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poultry stock

Fond ( French for "basis"), also broth , basic broth , essence , reduction and Fumet , is a liquid that when frying , steaming or cooking of vegetables , meat , fish , poultry , game or fruit and other things produced and as the basis of Serves sauces and soups . The flavors of the cooked food are boiled under the influence of heat in the salt-free water.

The basic ingredient is cooked with flavoring vegetables , herbs and spices . Usual Fond species are meat stock , vegetable stock, truffles Fund , mushroom Fund , veal stock , game stock , chicken stock , brown stock and fish stock.

With the dark stocks that are used for dark sauces, roasting substances are created by searing the ingredients that give the stock a dark color.

In the classic hotel kitchen, stocks are used to make basic sauces. Depending on the fund created thereby, for example, fish stock a fish velouté , from veal stock velouté de veaux, poultry velouté de volaille . Dark veal stock is ideal for making dark roast jus (jus de veau) . Suede fund created Sauce de gibier, an important basis for venison.