Prime rib

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The prime rib (left) and the roast beef (right)
Part of the prime rib

The high rib , high rib or Schorrippe (Swiss Hohrücken ; Austrian roast beef ) is the back of the beef between the eighth and twelfth rib . It lies between the neck of the beef and the roast beef further back . It is also called high or round roast beef , although the latter only refers to the core in classic cuisine. Anatomically, it is the posterior part of the chest of the erector spinae muscle . The wrong rib is counted towards the neck or the high rib , depending on the cut.

Typical dishes

  • When Rib eye steak is called steak from the rib. The name is derived from the internal muscle strand of the prime rib, the so-called "round roast beef ". This muscle meat is framed by the high fettgewebsreicheren ribs lid and acts as a leaner lean core or "eye" (English eye ).
  • As rib-eye roast is called a roast piece from the core of the rib, without prime rib cover and bone .
  • The rib of beef (French name Côte de bœuf ) is the name given to pared roasts from the prime rib, the spinal bones of which have been removed up to the ribs. With the English method of preparation, the roast is roasted pink and served with deglazed roasting and Yorkshire pudding .