Sirloin steak

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Sirloin steak, served with garlic butter and french fries

The sirloin steak is a very large, lean steak made from the back of the flat roast beef on the bone, but without the fillet . It is cut four to six inches thick and weighs up to two kilograms. It differs from the rump steak only in its weight.

Sirloin steaks are grilled or slowly fried in the oven. They are served classically with vegetables or salad and baked potatoes .

The current etymology assumes that sirloin comes from the Central French surlonge (literally: "over the loin "). The spelling did not change until the 18th century.

Other names, especially in Austria, are hoof steak, hip steak , Hüferscherzel, ox shredded . The cut steak is also understood as shredded ox. Ox shreds are expected to be made from the meat of the ox .

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