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Intermediate rib section (dark) with the prime rib as the front (left) and the roast beef as the rear (right) section.
Entrecôte from a Charolais beef
Entrecôte from an Angus beef with the typical marbling that is a sign of quality

The steak ( French entre between ' côte , rib' ; spoken [ãtʀəkoːt]) is a steak from the intercostal piece of beef , like the rib eye steak at the english type of meat cutting. Depending on the use, the meat has a weight of 350 to 550 grams and is four to six centimeters thick.

In modern kitchens, the term is also used for other meat dishes and sometimes the whole roast beef as meat , and the portion weight is reduced to 200 to 300 grams according to dietary habits.


  • Entrecôte double: One piece is prepared for two servings.
  • Béarner Art: grilled entrecôte, glazed with meat extract and served with béarnaise sauce and castle potatoes.
  • Bordelais style: grilled entrecôte, topped with slices of beef pulp and seasoned with parsley and watercress, served with croquettes and bordelaise sauce.
  • Tyrolean style: grilled entrecôte, covered with steamed onions and pepper sauce and served with noodles and steamed tomatoes.


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