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Palatinate Saumagen

Pfälzer Saumagen is a meat dish made from pork , sausage meat and potatoes ; it is cooked like a boiled sausage in a pig's stomach. The name is derived from the region Pfalz and the stomach of the pig , as there, the domestic pig is colloquially known. In the Palatinate, there is usually no indication of origin and the dish is only called Saumagen , which is pronounced in dialect Saumage or Saumaache .


Saumagen production in gastronomy

Depending on the recipe, cured lean pork is cooked in water and then cut into large cubes. Alternatively, you can leave half of the meat raw and add it to the sausage mixture. Wild boar meat is also used as a variant . If onions are used, they are fried in fat beforehand. The potatoes are cut into smaller cubes, which are then blanched ; alternative recipes also recommend using potatoes rolled through the meat grinder. Typical spices are salt , pepper , allspice , thyme , bay leaf , marjoram and, depending on the recipe, nutmeg or mace .

The ingredients and spices are mixed into a dough-like mass. These are filled into pig stomachs or, alternatively, into intestines with a large diameter (75–90 mm). Then you cook the Saumagen in hot, but not boiling water.

In autumn, instead of potatoes or in addition, chestnuts ( chestnuts , Palatine keschde ), either chopped or whole , can be added to the filling. The starch content of the chestnuts is sufficient to bind the filling, so that a keschde-Saumagen can also be served sliced.


As a rule, Saumagen is eaten warm, either immediately after production or after reheating. To do this, you cut the stomach into thick slices and serve them directly or after additional searing in the pan on the plate.

Saumagen is combined with various dishes. It is widely consumed together with potatoes and sauerkraut or wine cabbage .

In the wine-growing regions of the Front and South Palatinate, dry white wine , for example Riesling , or Weißherbst from the Portugieser is recommended as a drink to go with the Saumagen . In the West and North Palatinate , however, beer is more often drunk with it.


The origin of the Saumagens is controversial: On the one hand, it is said to have originated in the 18th century as a poor man's food , which was invented by farmers in order to utilize slaughter residues from pigs in this way. On the other hand, it is claimed that the production of the Saumagens, for which the best ingredients are used, has always been the highlight of every slaughter festival in the Palatinate.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Saumagen gained worldwide fame through the then Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl , who - on the German Wine Route in his Palatinate homeland - preferred to serve state guests with this typical dish, such as Margaret Thatcher , Michail Gorbatschow , Ronald Reagan , Bill Clinton , François Mitterrand , Felipe González and many others.

Since 1992 the Schifferstadt Carnival Society has been awarding the Saumagen medal every year during the carnival season .

The International Palatinate Saumagen Competition has been taking place in the southern Palatinate town of Landau since 2002 , in which the best Saumagen of the year is chosen. Usually around 150 participants submit their creations, among which there are also unusual variants, e.g. B. with game or fish filling. The restaurateurs Imke Bruns and Iris Wittmann were victorious at the first event, and they were included in the jury in the following year.


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