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A crusty dish with fried egg, schnitzel and toast as well as French fries as a side dish

In the Rhineland , Sauerland , Bergisches Land and Siegerland, a crust ( colloquially for bread edge ) is the regional expression for a dish that usually consists of a schnitzel topped with a fried egg on a slice of rye bread or toast , usually with potato salad , French fries or roasted potatoes .

In the Cologne area , a small - mostly warmed up - portion of goulash with Röggelchen is called Krüstchen warm or Krüstchengulasch . “Kurstgin” was already used as an evening Lent in Cologne in the 16th century . According to the principle "Liquida non frangunt ieiunium - liquids do not break the fast", a piece of bread with a drinkable soup fulfilled the fasting requirement during Lent (cf. similar Maultasche , also Pharisee ).

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Individual evidence

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