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Pork schnitzel from the ham, floured and seasoned
Scaloppine al limone in Italy

Schnitzel are thinly cut pieces of meat without bones , which are usually also pounded flat with a meat tenderizer (plating iron), which makes the meat more tender by breaking up the muscle fibers. In Switzerland, schnitzels are also called plätzli .

In English, the word schnitzel always refers to a breaded schnitzel in the style of Wiener schnitzel . The English word for schnitzel comes from the French language and is escalope .


The word Schnitzel is derived as a diminutive snitzel from the Middle High German word sniz for "cut".


Today, the term schnitzel is mainly used in the 19th century in Austria as meaning “ piece of meat cut and roasted by a veal leg ” or generally used for “thin slice of meat intended for roasting”. Schnitzel are mainly obtained from the leg of pork and veal , sometimes also from the back.

The term applies to both the raw slice of meat and the dishes made from it.

Schnitzel dishes

With veal or beef

Well-known schnitzel dishes from veal or beef are:

breaded veal schnitzel
Munich schnitzel
Before breading, the veal schnitzel is coated with a paste of sweet mustard and horseradish. Pretzel crumbs are used for the breading.
(Schnitzel) Cordon bleu
Breaded veal schnitzel filled with ham and cheese
Schnitzel (à la) Holstein
Veal schnitzel with fried egg and fish canapés
Veal schnitzel with lemon and parsley
Piccata Milanese
breaded with a hard cheese and roll mixture and served with macaroni
Saltimbocca Alla Romana
Veal schnitzel topped with air-dried ham and sage leaf
Berlin schnitzel
no real schnitzel or chop, but breaded cow udder

With other types of meat

For other schnitzel dishes, the meat is of secondary importance for the naming, the method of preparation or the sauce served with it is more decisive:

Wiener Schnitzel
Pork or chicken schnitzel, prepared like the Wiener Schnitzel
Parisian schnitzel
baked in a flour and egg breading
Schnitzel à la Meyer,
breaded pork cutlet, a fried egg is
Hamburger Schnitzel,
Very thinly pounded, breaded pork schnitzel, topped with a fried egg and possibly with an anchovy fillet
Holstein schnitzel
like schnitzel à la Holstein, but with pork
Hunter schnitzel
with mushroom sauce
not a real schnitzel, but breaded hunting sausage with tomato sauce or ketchup
Gypsy schnitzel
today mostly with gypsy sauce
Frankfurter schnitzel
Pork schnitzel with green sauce
Schnitzel Hawaii
Baked with pineapple and cheese, modeled on Hawaiian toast
Schnitzel Alsatian style
with bacon, onions and crème fraîche
Schnitzel Spreewald style
Breaded pork schnitzel, fried and then coated with (apple) horseradish , sliced ​​pickled cucumber topped with cheese
Cooked cheese schnitzel
breaded pork schnitzel with cooked cheese , mostly with pickled onions (music) and farmer's bread


Schnipo is a widespread term in German-speaking countries for the dish "Schnitzel with French fries", which is particularly popular in canteens.

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