Mustard pickle

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Mustard pickles with mustard seeds
Mustard pickles in the pot

Mustard cucumbers are pickled and cooked ripe cucumbers seasoned with mustard seeds .


For production, first fully ripe, large cucumbers (mostly the types that are also sold as stewed cucumbers) are peeled, pitted and cut into bite-sized pieces. They are then placed in vinegar with light mustard seeds , sugar , salt and, depending on the recipe, other ingredients and spices such as onions , horseradish , bay leaf and dill for a few hours, releasing liquid and creating a brew. Finally, the cucumbers are boiled down in this stock .

Before the invention of boiling, they were boiled openly in the brew, filled into stone pots, weighed down and covered with the brew in order to achieve a seal of air. The latter still has the advantage that there is less heat damage. There are also more complicated recipes in which the cucumbers are first salted, then pickled in vinegar for a few days and finally covered with the boiled vinegar and spices.

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