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World Economy, Ecology & Development (WEED, Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie & Development ) is a non-governmental organization from Germany that was founded in 1990 and since then has been committed to what it sees as socially just and ecologically sustainable globalization .


According to Weed, globalization has so far followed the model of neoliberalism : liberalization , deregulation , privatization , "free path for the market and profit". Social justice and ecological sustainability are subordinated to the interests of a few. The result is many losers and only a few winners. The interests of the weaker countries and marginalized population groups fell by the wayside. When analyzing North-South relations, Weed says he wants to focus on the global economic framework. Weed's work is not limited to criticizing the actors, but also developing reform proposals and alternative concepts. For example, Weed advocates a reform of the international financial system, a tax on international foreign exchange flows ( Tobin tax ) and a reorganization of international debtor-creditor relationships.


Weed is organized as a non-profit association and had 187 members at the end of 2019. Weed is financed primarily by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Bread for the World . Weed is a member of the Tax Justice Network Germany. Weed runs campaigns, holds seminars, communicates with the media and is involved in political networks. In September 1999, Weed and Kairos Europe took the initiative to found Attac Germany. Weed analyzes global economic, ecological and socio-political issues and summarizes the results in studies, working papers and background materials.

Campaigns with the participation of Weed (selection):

  • StopEPA
  • PC Global - For labor rights and environmental justice in the computer industry
  • Financial transaction tax: Tax against poverty


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