Kali Yuga (band)

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Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga
General information
origin Gera , Germany
Genre (s) Melodic Death Metal
founding 2006
Current occupation
Christian Glöckner
Eik Hall
Michael "Michbert" Albert (since 2009)
Jean-Peer Krutz (since 2012)
Jan "Kocher" cook
former members
Florian Rahm (until 2012)
Jan "Grützer" Singer (until 2017)

Kali Yuga is a melodic death metal band from Gera .


At the end of 2006, the then Atanatos drummer Eik began to work on their own songs with his buddies Enrico (electric guitar) and David (vocals) in order to break new ground. When a drummer was found with Flo and after the end of Atanatos with Kocher a bass player joined the line-up, a new independent band called Kali Yuga was founded.

Since 2008 Kali Yuga has performed her own songs in various clubs and at various festivals.

In 2009 there were still line-up changes: Grützer (also guitarist for Artless ) took over the microphone for David and Michbert from Radiation Dust took over Enrico's job on guitar . With a promo CD Dead Shall Reign , recorded in the Rape of Harmonies Studio by Patrick W. Engel and Alexander Dietz in 2009, the band was able to attract the attention of various labels and finally signed a contract with GUC . This was followed by appearances with Exodus , Graveworm , Dew-Scented , Watain and Tankard . The first album Slaves to the Subliminal was released in February 2011. In 2012, Jean joined the band and took over the role of drummer. This was followed by various other appearances, including concerts at the Party.San or the Hell Inside Festival. On November 1, 2012, the next recording, Wrath of Durga, was released .


  • 2009: Dead Shall Reign (EP)
  • 2011: Slaves to the Subliminal (Album, GUC)
  • 2012: Wrath of Durga (GUC)
  • 2015: Kali Yuga (GUC)

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