Wushu (role play)

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Wushu is a universal pen & paper role-playing game . It is referred to as a "cinematic role-playing game" because the emphasis is less on realism and more on spectacular scenes.

Wushu was written by Dan Bayn and published online. Basic rules are freely available under a Creative Commons license, but more extensive elaborations are subject to a fee. This includes adapting the system to different backgrounds: "Wire-Fu" is based on Asian action films, "Pulp-Fu" ​​is based on noir and pulp works.

The Wushu rules are intended to reward particularly unusual stunts instead of making them difficult. It is also very simply designed. There are only special rules for character creation and combat, otherwise everything works according to the same mechanisms, since the rules are only tools for an action-packed story told by the game.

The basic principle of the game is storytelling, the description of actions by the players themselves. Not, as with other systems, “I try to do this”, but “I do it”. Only the final results of disputes are determined by dice. The basic control mechanism of Wushu is a pool system with several six-sided dice (D6). Depending on the opponent or the action taken and the properties of his own character , the player with these dice must fall below a certain limit. The specialty of the "cinematic" principle is that the player is allowed to use the more dice and thus the higher the chances the more detailed he describes the action to be performed.

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