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Yaron Shani (* 1973 in Tel Aviv-Jaffa ) is an Israeli filmmaker .


Yaron Shani studied film at Tel Aviv University and made his graduation film with Disphoria in 2004. The film won an award at the Sehsuchten student film festival in Potsdam .

As early as 1998 Shani had the idea of ​​a multi-perspective thriller about gangsters and police officers who meet over several time levels and live in their own world. After he got to know Scandar Copti , they developed the idea from 2002, which was to be filmed in 2009 under the title Ajami . Ajami has received national and international critical acclaim and film awards. After receiving the Israeli Ophir Film Award for Best Picture , it was automatically entered for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and was selected as one of five nominees.

Filmography (selection)

  • 2003: Disphoria
  • 2009: Ajami
  • 2013: Life Sentences
  • 2018: The Love Trilogy I: Stripped
  • 2019: The Love Trilogy II: Chained / Eynayim Sheli (in German: my eyes)
  • 2019: The Love Trilogy III: Reborn

Awards and nominations (selection)

Ophir Award
  • 2009: Award for the best film with Ajami
  • 2009: Award for Best Director by Ajami
  • 2009: Award for the best cut by Ajami
Jerusalem Film Festival
  • 2019: Awarded the Haggiag Award for Best Israeli Feature for Chained

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