Yinzhou (Tieling)

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The municipality of Yinzhou ( 银 州 区 , Yínzhōu Qū ) is a municipality in the Chinese province of Liaoning . It belongs to the administrative area of ​​the district-free city of Tieling . The city district has an area of ​​203 square kilometers and has 340,000 inhabitants (2004).

Administrative structure

At the municipality level, the municipality is made up of six street districts and one municipality. These are:

  • Hongqi Street District 红旗 街道
  • Gongren工人 街道street
  • Tiexi铁西 街道street district
  • Road neighborhood Tongzhong铜钟街道
  • Road neighborhood Chaihe柴河街道
  • Road neighborhood Lingdong岭东街道

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Coordinates: 42 ° 18 '  N , 123 ° 51'  E