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Yvonne Steinke (born April 7, 1975 in Hamm , Germany ) is a German sports shooter.

It is organized in the umbrella organizations of the German Rifle Federation (DSB) and the Westphalian Rifle Federation (WSB) as well as the Federation of Military and Police Riflemen (BdmP). At the international level, Steinke shoots the Bianchi Cup.

Participation in championships

Steinke has been the reigning European champion in the women's championship of the US Bianchi Cup Open and Bianchi Cup Rimfire Open since 2018 and team champion with Peter Hoffmann in the Bianchi Cup Rimfire Open. In addition, she is two-time reigning German champion in the women's competition and won the Rimfire Open and Open disciplines at the German Open .

In 2012 she took part in the 7th SLG SG Hamm Cup for the first time and was able to win it directly in the group of "unclassified shooters in NPA Service Pistol".

In 2017 Steinke won the Westphalian comparative shooting in the "Police Pistol 1 Optical sight as Marksman" class. In the same year she reached second place at the German Open in the "Police Pistol 4 (Pocket Pistol)" class.

With 174 direct hits, Steinke became European champion in Alsfeld in 2018.

In May 2019 she took part in the Bianchi Cup US Nationals and finished 7th in the women's ranking. In the same year she was again European champion.

Hometown club

Steinke is a member of the Hamm shooting company and is active there in the SLG Bad Hamm Lippe.

Steinke started large-caliber shooting at the end of 2011 and initially shot mostly static disciplines. At the BdmP she started in Police Pistol 1 and Police Pistol Optical sight and NPA Service Pistol as well as NPA Service Pistol Optical sight and Police Pistol 4.

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