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The Central Directory of Digitized Prints (zvdd) records digitized German printed works that are freely available on the Internet. The aim is to provide evidence of all fully digitized German printed works that are freely available on the Internet and that meet a minimum scientific quality standard.


The Central Directory of Digitized Prints is a project started in April 2005 and initially funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) until 2010 . Project partners are the AG Collection of German Prints and the group headquarters of the GBV and HBZ . The technical structure of the zvdd enables a search that is not carried out via a distributed query of the individual digitization projects using a meta search engine , but via its own central data pool merged via OAI, which results in faster response times and expanded search options, such as B. the subsequent restriction of the search result (faceting) is allowed. The current directory is maintained by the Goettingen State and University Library (SUB) on a new technical basis, again with the support of the DFG (2012–2014) . It is further developed in close cooperation with the SDD and the German Digital Library , for which the SUB advises and works as a branch representative and specialist agency.


The Central Directory of Digitized Prints is the portal for records of digitized copies of printed works from the 15th century to the present day. Different types of printed matter are included: newspapers, magazines, printed music or “small print” such as single-sheet prints or leaflets as well as monographs or series. The portal concentrates on digitization projects in the sense of digital collections or digital libraries, especially of public institutions, and not on the verification of isolated digital reproductions.


As a rule, all available metadata and full texts of a publication are researched. Not only are the titles searchable, as in library catalogs , but also the headings, authors, etc. of chapters, articles and the like. The full texts of the digitized works can also be researched in zvdd, provided they are available.

Additional collections can be added to the zvdd portal using an online form. The query is made using the OAI2 interface, which can be provided by the zvdd- METS format.

The portal can also be found in the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK) .


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