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The Collection of German Prints (SDD) is an amalgamation of six German libraries in a working group with the aim of building up a collection of printed works from the German-speaking and cultural area from the beginning of book printing to the present day, making them available to the public and preserve them for future generations.

Organization and responsibility

Each library is responsible for a defined period of time:

The Working Group on the Collection of German Prints was founded in 1989 and, after five years of funding from the Volkswagen Foundation, is now financed by the sponsors of the participating libraries. In 2010, the six participating libraries had a total of 885,175 euros at their disposal for acquisitions, in 2009 it was 725,456 euros. Together with the German National Library and the special collection areas , the Collection of German Prints, so to speak, forms a distributed national library .


The focus of activities is retrospective acquisition. Since there was no complete historical national bibliography for Germany up to 1912 or only partially exists in the meantime, the libraries continue to participate as cooperation partners in various cooperative cataloging projects:

For the incunabulum time (1450–1500) there is the incunabula catalog of German libraries (INKA) and the complete catalog of cradle prints , both of which include all prints made in Europe from this period.

The German prints of the 16th century are relatively well indexed. Most of the editions still in existence today are recorded in the directory of 16th century prints published in German-speaking countries ( VD 16 ). The VD 16 does not record any single-sheet prints.

A retrospective national bibliography has also been created for works of the 17th century with the directory of the 17th century prints published in the German-speaking area ( VD 17 ) since 1996 .

A similar project for the 18th century ( VD 18 ) is still in the planning phase. The works of the 18th century are listed in the catalog of the SUB Göttingen, which provides information on the progress of the collection activity by means of lists of new acquisitions. This also applies to the 19th century in Frankfurt and Berlin.

From 1913, all German-language works are listed in the German National Bibliography.

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