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Infrared remote control for central locking and immobilizer
Mazda radio remote control

The central locking allows the simultaneous locking and unlocking of all doors and mostly also the flaps (tailgate, fuel filler flap) of a vehicle by operating one of the locks or by remote control.

The first common systems relied on a pneumatic drive via vacuum accumulator from the engine intake system ( Mercedes-Benz ), later also with a separate compressor . The current design is electrically operated, mostly combined with a radio remote control on the key, so that it can be triggered remotely without direct contact with the vehicle. In connection with a remote control, most newer vehicles only have a lock in the driver's door for cost reasons . Combined systems are also in use (Mercedes-Benz) that use both radio and infrared technology. The vehicle can be locked and unlocked remotely by radio; Close up - with direct eye contact with the infrared receiver on the driver's door - windows and / or sunroofs can be opened and closed automatically.

The central locking system can be operated from the inside by pushing in or pulling out the door lock , opening the driver's door or by operating a separate switch. Currently, however, many vehicles are no longer equipped with visible door locks; the central locking can then only be operated from the inside using a switch. In addition, many modern vehicles are automatically locked when they exceed a certain speed (e.g. 8 km / h). This is to prevent unauthorized persons from opening the door from outside, for example when stopping at traffic lights, in order to force the occupants to hand over valuables or even the vehicle (see also Robbery Attack on Motorists ). The doors are unlocked again as soon as the ignition key is removed from the ignition lock (e.g. Seat Ibiza ), if one of the doors is opened from the inside (e.g. Renault Clio , Mercedes-Benz ) or in the event of an accident, the is registered by the crash sensors .

The so-called deadlock or safe security function locks all doors and windows from the inside and should make it difficult to break open.


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