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The Center for the Coordination of emergency response ( English Emergency Response Coordination Center, ERCC ) is an institution of the European Union and took over and expanded in 2013, the duties of the Monitoring and Information Center (English Monitoring and Information Center, MIC ).


The ERCC represents the functional core of the EU civil protection mechanism ( Community Mechanism for Civil Protection ) developed in October 2001 and receives requests for assistance from states and forwards them to the participating member states. It plays a key role as a coordination center for emergency operations inside and outside the EU. The main task consists in analyzing and collecting, coordinating and disseminating real-time information, as well as in developing and providing emergency plans for experts and equipment. In addition to the 28 EU member states, its members also include B. Iceland and Norway . Possible areas of action of the center include fires , earthquakes , an oil spill , industrial accidents or assassinations .


Thus, for example, the dam burst near the Hungarian community Kolontár through the Monitoring and Information Center, the observed from the beginning of the disaster, from the Hungarian asked government for the support of experts in 2014 to support the WHO in the fight against Ebola - epidemic in West Africa and coordinated the flood relief operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia . In 2015, on request, Nepal was given support in coping with the earthquake by providing drinking water treatment plants and other technical systems.

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