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The ziggurat of the god An in Uruk is one of the oldest known, large monumental buildings in Mesopotamia .


The oldest buildings in the place of the later ziggurat were built from unfired, air-dried mud bricks during the Uruk period . They probably served as a temple complex. With interruptions, further temples were built at this point until the Seleucid period . The White Temple is known from the Uruk period because of its well-preserved walls.

The Seleucid Ziggurat was dedicated to the sky god An , which is why the site and the older construction stages are called Anu Ziggurat. However, it cannot be proven whether the older temples were dedicated to this god.


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Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 31 ° 19 ′ 1 ″  N , 45 ° 38 ′ 6 ″  E