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Ernst Heinrich (born December 15, 1899 in Spandau , † March 28, 1984 ibid) was a German building researcher .

After studying architecture at the Technical University of Berlin from 1920 to 1925, he received his doctorate there in 1933. In 1948 he completed his habilitation at the Technical University of Berlin, first became a private lecturer and, in 1952, professor and chair holder for building history and building survey at the TU Berlin. He held this chair until his retirement in 1965.

In the field of historical building research he carried out research on the Orient in particular. His main interest was the architecture of ancient Mesopotamia. He wrote a large number of writings on this subject. Before the Second World War he was a participant in excavations in Uruk , Iraq, on behalf of the German Orient Society . From 1967 he led excavations in Habuba Kabira and from 1969 at Mumbaqat in Syria .

Heinrich's estate is in the university archive of the TU Berlin .

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