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As Zingel ( lat. Cingulum = belt ) were referred to a part of the outer bailey .

Originally, it denoted the Palisade preceded lying wall and a moat , in the high and late Middle Ages , finally, the outer perimeter wall of a castle or city , even Zingel wall called, which was adapted to the surrounding terrain.

Often also referred to as Mantelmauer or Bering , the term lives on even today in street names such as Eckernförde , Hildesheim , Husum , Meldorf or Salzgitter . Extended names can be found in Bremerhaven ("Zingelke") , Essen ("Zingelpfad") or Niemberg ("Zingelrain") . In total there are around 30 paths and roads in the German area alone that indicate this origin. In addition, the name has developed as a family name.

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Individual evidence

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