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An intermediate name , also middle name (from English middle name ), is another name that is carried between the first name and the family name . On the other hand, an intermediate name is not used if a person has more than one first name or surname.


In Germany, intermediate names are usually patronyms from the father's first name with the usual ending for "-sohn" or "-daughter" in the respective national language. Example: Hinrich Peters Merten means "Hinrich Merten, Peter's son". In German, this name formation is only permitted in East Frisian ; the exception also applies to births outside of East Frisia. The same name as an intermediate name and family name (e.g. Hinrich Peters Peters ) is not (any longer) allowed. If the name refers to the mother, it is a metronym .

When adopting intermediate names from other countries, the name acquired under the home law must be entered in the family register with the intermediate name. Spätaussiedler can declare to abandon the intermediate name.

Norway / Denmark

In Norway names can be chosen as intermediate names, which are also permitted as surnames. The middle name is not part of the surname and is often not included. If you have a double surname, put a hyphen between the two surnames.

Eastern Europe

In several Eastern European countries there is a regular third part of the name in addition to first and last names. These are so-called patronymic names . The tradition of giving patronymic names can be traced back many centuries. During the time of the Soviet Union , this rule applied throughout the USSR . After their disintegration , only Russia , Belarus and Ukraine kept them. It also applies in Bulgaria and Greece . The father's name is formed either by adding a suffix to the father's first name (Slavic countries) or by his genitive (Bulgaria and Greece). The latter form was also used in the non-Slav Union republics .

North America

In Canada and the United States, the intermediate name is referred to as the middle name and can consist of either a first name, such as in Anthony Michael Hall, or a family name, such as in Dorothy Walker Bush. Usually this name is not written out.


In Vietnam there are intermediate names to compensate for the small number of family names ; in the past, intermediate names were also used to specify a person's gender.

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