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Medium Name (engl. Middle name ) is the name for a part of their name, between the pre- and surname is performed. In North America, it is comparable to a middle name or to a form of name that indicates an ancestor from the maternal line or a historical person from the family. Middle names of this type are common in Canada and the United States . Most of the nationals of these two countries have a middle name; however, there are no legal obligations to do so. In Denmark , on the other hand, there is an intermediate name that is more comparable to a second surname, although not all Danes have an intermediate name. It is not possible to use a middle name in Germany.


In US and Canadian government forms four fields usually appear for specifying persons name first name , middle name, last name and suffix (Example: Martin Luther King, Jr. ), of which the fields middle name and suffix are optional.

The middle name often becomes the so-called middle initial, i.e. H. to the first letter of the middle name, abbreviated. In practical usage, the middle name is often used initially to differentiate between people who would otherwise have the same name. In rare cases, two middle names are used. For example with George HW Bush , father of George W. Bush . His two middle names came from his maternal grandfather, George Herbert Walker . The use of the middle initial is so widespread that in official contexts one occasionally comes across statements such as "MILLER, George (NMI)", whereby the parentheses stand for "no middle initial" and should make it clear that the letter has not been forgotten .

If the name should be shortened for reasons of convenience, the middle name is usually the first component that is omitted. For example, “ Frank Lloyd Wright ” becomes “our neighbor Frank Wright”, “the architect Wright” or “my brother Frank”.

Choice of middle name

A first name is often chosen as the middle name, for example the name of a grandparent or another relative. In individual cases, the middle name becomes the preferred nickname.

The mother's surname ( maiden name ) or one's own maiden name are often used as a middle name. In rare cases, the name from the first marriage is used as a middle name.

People who immigrate to North America, when asked to enter a middle name, usually use one of their middle names. If you don't have a middle name, don't give a middle name. When naturalizing, there is the possibility of legally defining a middle name, if this is desired; this middle name can then be freely chosen.


The English idiom “[z. B. Honesty ] is my middle name "( dt. Literally, [honesty] is my middle name '; because of the unfamiliarity of the term" "but Middle Name in German-speaking idiomatically with [honesty] my second first name ' reproduced) means that the speaker - meant seriously or ironically - claims to be a person to whom this quality applies through and through.


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