George Herbert Walker

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George Herbert Walker (born June 11, 1875 in St. Louis , Missouri , † June 24, 1953 in New York City ) was an American banker .

education and profession

George Herbert Walker received his education in England at Stonyhurst College . In 1897 he graduated from Washington University in St. Louis . During this time he bought the Walker's Point named after him , which would later become the summer residence of the Bush presidential family.

From 1900 he worked in investment banking . He founded the investment bank GH Walker & Co and used his family's international bank contacts. In 1904 he helped organize the St. Louis World's Fair . Walker was close to the local Democratic Party . In 1920 he became president of WA Harriman & Co. Investment Company. As part of this activity, Walker was responsible for initiating extensive business deals, including financing the takeover of Hamburg-Amerika Line by W. Averell Harriman and the purchase of American Ship and Commerce Corp.

After WA Harriman & Co. merged with British-American investment firm Brown Bros. & Co. in January 1931, Walker retired from running the company and left the management to his son-in-law Prescott Bush .

Walker held a number of director positions (comparable to supervisory board mandates in Germany ). In addition to his role as director of WA Harriman & Company, he was a director of Harriman Fifteen, American International Corporation; Georgian Manganese Corporation; Barnsdall Corporation; American Ship & Commerce Corporation; Union Banking Corporation; GH Walker & Company; Missouri Pacific Railroad; Laclede Gas and the New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railroad.


He was a noted golfer and president of the United States Golf Association . The Walker Cup , founded in 1922, is named after him, the most traditional team competition in amateur golf.


He was the father of Dorothy Walker, who was married to the future US Senator Prescott Bush since 1921 . His grandson George HW Bush was the 41st President of the United States . The grandfather was honored in his first name and intermediate initials. Walker's first name and surname form the first name and the intermediate name of his great-grandson George W. Bush , the 43rd President of the United States.

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