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Zurich discus zones

description German culture and literary magazine
publishing company Verlag der Zürcher Diskuszjonen, Zurich
First edition 1897
attitude 1900
editor Oskar Panizza

The Zürcher Diskuszjonen (in the text also occasionally Zürcher Diskußjonen or Zürcher Diskuszionen ) was a journal published by Oskar Panizza in the publisher of the same name, which appeared in three volumes from 1897 to 1900.

It was initially published in Zurich , after Panizza's expulsion there, Paris , where the old name was retained. Panizza also wrote most of the contributions himself under the pseudonyms Louis Andrée, Hans Dettmar, Sven Heidenstamm, Hans Kistenmaecker, Jules Saint-Froid, Sarcasticus and with the sigle ***. Some names of other authors are known, however, wrote Franziska Gräfin to Reventlow , Léon Bazalgette , Ludwig Scharf , Heinrich Pudor and the Russian immigrant Ria Schmujlow-Claaßen for the Zurich Discussjonen .

The magazine represented basic individual anarchist and atheist beliefs and attacked the authoritarian state , the Catholic Church and bourgeois moral concepts with violent polemics and satires . In addition to literature and art, topics included religious, erotic, moral history and political essays, satires and stories. The articles include such unusual titles as The Pig in a Poetic, Mitological and Moral History Relationship or Christ in a Psicho-Patological Illumination .

Like the title of the magazine, the articles were written in the phonetic orthography typical of Panizza . The edition was a maximum of 400 copies, which were printed by Jakob Schabelitz . The magazine was financially supported at times by the German patron Otto von Grote, who later turned away from Panizza.


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