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The Östermalmshalle 2007

Östermalms Saluhall , the Östermalmshalle (called Swedish Östermalmshallen ) is a market hall , which opened in 1888, it is located on the southwestern part of the Östermalmstorg in the district of Östermalm in Stockholm .

Market hall

The Östermalmshalle is a market hall for the general public, in which food and delicacies are offered. The 3000 m² hall was inaugurated on November 30, 1888 in the presence of Oskar II . Only six months had passed from the start of construction to completion. On December 1st, 1888, the market hall opened its doors to the general public and Stockholm had thus got its own “dining hall”. Soon chefs and ordinary housewives crowded the numerous stalls and this is still the case today.

The architects of the Östermalmshalle were Isak Gustaf Clason (1856–1930) and Kasper Salin (1856–1919), the latter also standing for the complicated cast iron construction . On study trips to Germany , Italy and France , they were inspired by similar market halls and the brick architecture and the new iron constructions. France, in particular, was a leader in the field of monumental iron constructions. That was new for Sweden.

Although the Östermalmshalle is not a listed building, it still enjoys almost the protection of a monument. The Östermalmshalle with its intact furnishings is one of the most beautiful buildings of the late 19th century in Stockholm.


Östermalms Saluhall 1975
Östermalms Saluhall 1975
Östermalms Saluhall 2007
Facade detail

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