Austrian Landsmannschafter and Turnerschafter Convent

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The Austrian Landsmannschafter- und Turnerschafter-Convent (ÖLTC) was a corporate association of colored and striking student associations at Austrian universities. Since 1992 it has existed as a working group within the Coburg Convent (CC).


The ÖLTC was founded in 1933 after the National Socialist seizure of power in Germany by the Austrian Landsmannschaft and Turnerschaften , which had previously belonged to the German Landsmannschaft (DL) and the Representative Convention (VC). In doing so, he anticipated the unification of compatriots and gymnasts in a joint association, which was also carried out in Germany after the war. After the annexation of Austria , the ÖLTC was banned in 1938.

The association was restored on May 2, 1953, initially as a working group of the Landsmannschaften and Turnerschaften of Austria (ALTÖ) and took its old name again the following year. He was closely associated with the Coburg Convent (CC), founded in 1951, of the German national teams and gymnastics associations. Since 1977 its member associations could be associate members of the CC.

After its member unions joined the CC in 1992, the ÖLTC was absorbed into it; Since then it has existed as a working group within the CC.

All connections of the ÖLTC are committed to compulsory graduation .


The following corporations currently belong to the ÖLTC:

  • Academic border team Cimbria zu Vienna
  • Academic Landsmannschaft Carinthia in Vienna
  • Academic Landsmannschaft Viruna zu Graz
  • Old Prague Bohemian Forest team in Linz
  • Academic Landsmannschaft der Salzburger zu Salzburg (at Vienna 1884)
  • Academic Landsmannschaft Tyrol in Innsbruck

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