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Country: JapanJapan Japan
Operator: ISAS
COSPAR-ID : 1970-011A
Mission dates
Dimensions: 12 kg
Begin: February 11, 1970, 04:25 UTC
Starting place: Kagoshima
Launcher: Lambda 4S-5
Status: burned up on August 2, 2003
Orbit data
Rotation time : 145 min
Orbit inclination : 31 °
Apogee height 5140 km
Perigee height 350 km

Ōsumi (also Ohsumi , Japanese. お お す み ) is the name of the first Japanese satellite . The Osumi was launched on February 11, 1970 with a Lambda-4 rocket from the Kagoshima Space Center . The Ōsumi satellite weighed 12 kg. The orbit incline was 31 degrees, the perigee 350 km and the apogee 5140 km. Only a few hours after take-off, the satellite stopped transmitting.

With this launch, Japan became the fourth nation to launch a satellite into space with its own launch vehicle.

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