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The abbreviation 24/7 (English pronounced "twenty-four / seven") denotes the constant readiness or availability of a service or, less often, the ability to continuously operate a device or machine.

The abbreviation stands for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - so simply always or around the clock . The term comes from the USA and is now common in almost all countries that are close to Anglo-American culture. In Germany and Austria, instead of 24/7, 24h or “around the clock” is more common. In France “24h / 24” and “7j / 7” are used.


You can often find this sign on the signs of restaurants or shops that are open day and night. 24/7 is also a marketing catchphrase for high availability , and this term is often used for maintenance contracts in various industries.

Service sector

Police , fire brigades , rescue services , hospitals and old people's homes around the world maintain 24/7 services. Public prosecutors and, in some cases, investigating judges in Germany can be reached via on-call duty around the clock . Some shops (e.g. petrol stations ) as well as airports , radio stations , ATMs , libraries , power plants, electricity and gas network operators, restaurants and hotels are available or present around the clock. Some call centers also offer a 24/7 service. B. for fault assumptions , information or telephone sex hotlines. On-call services are also used by many other companies or authorities.

In relation to the operation of servers , 24/7 describes the limited availability of a server due to a failure.


  • This stands in the area of BDSM for a special kind of coexistence, social and sexual relationships and cohabitation: Here, a partner familiar (the submissive part - Sub or bottom) complete his dominant partner (Dom or Top), ie 7.24 to and also takes full or predominant responsibility in everyday life. This form of coexistence is a form of lived BDSM, partly for life, and can, but does not have to, exclude other partnerships. Sometimes only the dominant part is allowed to have other partners, or certain limits and varieties of such secondary partnerships are set. However, this way of life is always based - as is fundamentally in the BDSM area - on mutual agreement based on the free decision of both partners.
  • In the American wrestling league WWE there was the hardcore title until 2002 , which could be officially won 24/7, whereby it often changed hands.
  • Furthermore, computer gamers in multiplayer games in particular are referred to as 24/7 gamers if they have been playing for a long time.