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General information
Genre (s) Rap , reggae , rock , funk , ska
founding 2000, 2015
resolution 2007
Website http://5nizza.ru/
Founding members
Andrei Zaporozhez and Serhej Babkyn
Current occupation
Andrei Zaporozhez
Serhej Babkyn

5'Nizza ( Ukrainian П'ятниця - Pjatnyzja or Russian Пятница - Pyatnitsa , in German Friday ) is a company founded in 2000, singing - and guitar duo of Andrei Zaporozhets and Serhej Babkyn resulting from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv originate. They broke up in 2007 and reunited in March 2015.

The music is a minimalist mix of reggae, pop, chanson and folk. The band produced the two albums Пятница (Pjatnitsa) and O5 . In 2007 the group separated. The third album, which was already partially produced at the time, with guest appearances by musicians from the band Markscheiderkunst , was therefore released from another project by Andrei Saporoschez.


Andrej Saporoschez and Serhej Babkyn met in 1994 in a high school in Kharkov, to which Serhej switched in the tenth grade. After graduating from high school, they studied at various universities, but had mutual friends who lived in a dormitory there. There they met regularly and began to compose songs together. In the summer of 2002 they played several concerts by the sea, where they were played by the front man of the group WK? (Edik Schumejko) asked whether they would be interested in concerts in Moscow. They accepted the offer and the club was already full to the brim at the second or third concert.

In 2002 they produced an unofficial album for $ 30, which was passed on secretly and whose songs became very popular. In addition, several video clips were made ( Sima , Soldat , Jamaica ). The first official album, Pyatnitsa , was released in 2003, which featured several previously unplugged versions. The most popular was the song Soldat , which was often played on Russian radio. In 2004 the second album, O'5 (means again in Russian) was released.

In 2007 the third album should be released. However, production was stopped before it was finished as Andrei Zaporozhez and Serhej Babkyn could not agree on the approach. Originally, they wanted to make the album more diverse by having each song played by a different instrument. As a result, the guitar sound so typical for the duo was of secondary importance and so was Serhej Babkyn. They decided to end the project 5'Nizza and Andrej Saporoschez founded a band called SunSay in which he is the front man and writes the lyrics.

On March 4th, 2015 the reunion of the band 5'Nizza became known and on April 21st the new song I Believe In You was released. The song Vperjod was released on May 1st and the song Ale on May 21st .

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