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The Abelisierung (also Abelianisierung or Faktorkommutatorgruppe ) is a construction of the mathematical part area of group theory . Abelizing a group is in some ways the best approximation by an Abelian group .


The factor group

a group after its commutator subgroup is called the abelization of . The term abelization is also used for canonical surjection



  • Abelization is an Abelian group; the abelization of an Abelian group is the group itself.
  • If a group homomorphism, the concatenation induces a canonical homomorphism ; the abelization is functional.
  • The Abelization is left adjoint to the forget function from the category of the Abelian groups to the category of all groups, i.e. H. is any group and an Abelian group, the canonical mapping induces a bijection
In other words: Every homomorphism into an Abelian group factors via the Abelization.
  • Have particular and the same characters .
  • The abelization of a group is canonically dual to group cohomology



If a subgroup is a finite group , there is a canonical homomorphism

called the relocation . It is dual to the correction

but can also be described explicitly: Let it be a section of the canonical projection (no homomorphism, just a mapping). Then the shift is given by


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