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Abonuteichos (Άβώνου τειχος) was an ancient coastal town in the Paphlagonia region of Asia Minor (now İnebolu in Turkey ).

Nothing is known about the etymology of the name and the origins of the city. Abonuteichos has been a polis since the time of Emperor Trajan . Initially, the city belonged to the Roman sub-province of Pontus , since Marcus Aurelius , when it was also called Ionopolis , to the province of Galatia . The titular bishopric of Ionopolis of the Roman Catholic Church goes back to a late antique bishopric of the city .

Alexandros of Abonuteichos founded the oracle of Neos Asclepius , the serpent Glycon , here in the middle of the 2nd century AD . Through Alexandros' connections to Rome, he was able to rename the city to Ionopolis (today's name Inebolu) and obtain permission to mint his own coins with the image of the snake. The city achieved particular fame through a pamphlet by Lukians against Alexandros. Because of the unfavorable port location, the city could only reach a small territory, probably only as far as the Küre Dağları in the south. In contrast, the cult could spread in a space between the Danube and Syria .

Remnants of Roman buildings and inscriptions are only sparse.


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