Acta Arithmetica

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Acta Arithmetica

description mathematical journal
Area of ​​Expertise Number theory
language English, German, French, Russian
First edition 1935
Frequency of publication quarterly
Impact Factor 0.472 (2012)
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Cover pages of Volume 6 (2), 1960, and Volume 49 (3), 1988, dedicated to Paul Erdős (on his 75th birthday)

Acta Arithmetica is a mathematical scientific journal with a focus on number theory .

It was founded in 1935 by the Polish mathematicians Arnold Walfisz and Salomon Lubelski and published in Warsaw . There were three volumes of the magazine from 1935 to 1939. Since the fourth volume in 1958, the journal has been published regularly until today (as of 2014, now 4 volumes per year) and is supervised by the Mathematics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences . The editor from 1956 to 1969 was Wacław Sierpiński (together with Arnold Walfisz until 1962). In Acta Arithmetica articles appear in German, Russian, French and English, with English predominates in recent decades.

The journal's impact factor in 2012 was 0.472. In the statistics of the ISI Web of Knowledge , the journal was ranked 193 out of 295 considered journals in the mathematics category .

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  2. JD Tamarkin wrote in 1936 in the Bulletin of the AMS (PDF; 97 kB): “Quite recently, in 1935, there was founded in Poland a new important periodical, Acta Arithmetica, devoted to number theory! Thus Poland is a unique country supporting three highly specialized periodicals devoted to pure mathematics. ”It refers to the important journals Fundamenta Mathematicae (1920) and Studia Mathematica (1929) that were founded earlier .