Adalbert I (Ivrea)

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Adalbert I called the Rich (* before 900; † around 923) was the son of Margrave Anskar II of Ivrea and his successor since about 902. Adalbert I was one of the progenitors of the House of Burgundy-Ivrea .


His first marriage before 900 was Gisela of Friuli (* probably 880/885; † June 13, 910), a daughter of Emperor Berengar I , King of Italy and Margrave of Friuli. He had two children with her:

Around 915 he concluded a second marriage with Ermengard von Tuszien (* probably 901; † around February 29, 932), the daughter of Margrave Adalbert II of the Empire of Tuszien and Bertha von Lotharingien, daughter of King Lothar II ( Carolingian ) . From this marriage he had a second son, Anskar III., † 940, who was Margrave of Camerino and Spoleto in 937 .

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