Adalbert II (Tuscia)

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Adalbert II. Called the Rich († 10/19 September 915 ) was Margrave of Tuscany . He was the son of Margrave Adalbert I of Tuszien and his second wife Rothilde von Spoleto .


On May 27, 884, the day of the last attested appearance of his father (in the founding document for the Aulla monastery), he carried the title of count; between 884 and May 27, 889, on which he appeared for the first time as margrave in a document from the Italian king Guido of Spoleto , he took over his father's legacy as count and duke of Lucca and margrave of Tuscia.

He married between about 895 and 898 Bertha von Lotharingien (* probably 863; † March 8, 925), the daughter of King Lothar II and widow of Count Theobald von Arles († between June 887 and around 895).

Adalbert and Bertha had (at least) three children:

Adalbert II was buried in the Cathedral of Lucca . His widow Bertha took over the regency for the son and heir Guido.


predecessor Office successor
Adalbert I. Marquis of Tuscany
884 / 889–915